We Are Putting The Mattress Problem To Bed

Welcome to TIC Mattress Recycling (formerly Landsavers) .

TIC Mattress Recycling is excited to announce the commissioning of a new fully automated mattress recycling facility in Sydney, scheduled to open in 2017. The new cutting edge technology  has the capacity to deconstruct approximately 8,500 mattresses per week, with recovery and recycling rates of up to 85%.

TIC Mattress Recycling’s new automated facility eliminates intense manual handling, manages dust and other waste extractions whilst ensuring the recycling of mattresses is done safely. By systematically demanufacturing mattresses, each component can be properly separated so that it can be re-used in other products, and further reducing the volumes of waste being sent to landfill.

The Mattress Problem

Each year over 1 million mattresses go to landfill in Australia.  If these mattresses were stacked on top of each other they would reach the International Space Station.

Mattress disposal no longer means waste into landfill, you can save valuable resources like metal and foam by recycling your old mattress. Please CONTACT US or check out your local council website to arrange a mattress recycling collection.

NSW Council Mattress collections- Mattress Recycling is available in some council regions through hard waste collections and waste transfer stations, check or call your local council website for further information.

Residential Mattress Collection– If you would like to get rid of an old mattress that’s laying around your home. Simply go to our BOOK COLLECTION page, where you can arrange to have your old mattress collected and recycled for a reasonable fee. *Mattress recycling collections  available in Sydney and surrounding suburbs.

Retail Mattress Take Back Program- CONTACT US  about mattress recycling take back programs that we can help you activate in store.


Mattress Collection Data

Total collections are based on Landsavers collections only.

Lake Macquarie 33,913 collected
Marrickville 26,521 collected
Sutherland 25,390 collected
Public Collections Sydney 19,666 collected
City of Sydney 17,420 collected
Maitland 12,260 collected
Public collections Central coast and Hunter 11,504 collected
Rockdale 11,406 collected
Botany 10,872 collected
Ashfield 10,670 collected
Hawkesbury 7,837 collected
Randwick 7,113 collected
Waverley 6,298 collected
Port Stephens 6,205 collected
Cessnock 5,125 collected
Leichhardt 5,021 collected
Wyong 4,554 collected
Strathfield 3,455 collected
Kogarah 2,166 collected
Newcastle 1,297 collected
Dungog Council 108 collected

Recycled Materials Data

Steel 2,025 Tonnes
Foam 508 Tonnes
Wood 366 Tonnes
Latex 54 Tonnes